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We know that there is more to security than just integrating a simple security system. Sentry Safety Solutions specializes in understanding the environment where the solution will be utilized to ensure that your system has all the capabilities to meet the immediate and future needs of your residence, business or government installation.

Residential Solutions

To sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most—your home, your assets, and your family—are safe and secure. From fire, theft and flood protection, to services that keep families connected.

We offer effective solutions to help you protect your safety and your property

Commercial Solutions

Whether your security requirements are generated by day-to-day operations, specific business needs or outside regulations and requirements, they must all be taken into account when designing a system.

We know there is more to security than equipment.

Government Solutions

From elected officials and staff, civil servants, financial and property records and the personal information of citizens — the list of people, data and assets entrusted to government protection goes on and on. Whether it's for a government building or legislative office, it's important that your security system be scalable to adapt as your needs change.

Specific Features

The heart of any security system begins with the professional installation of a quality security system controlleSentry Security Solutions is an authority of the various security system controllers that fit your budget and needs

Video Viewing
Voice Control
Smartphone Control
Utilities Control
Multi Profiled
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Video Analytics

Also referred to as Video Content Analysis (VCA), analytics is computerized processing and analysis of video streams captured by surveillance systems. Video Analytics applications can perform a variety of tasks ranging from real-time analysis of video for immediate detection of events of interest, to analysis of pre-recorded video for the purpose of extracting events and data from the recorded video..

Sentry Safety Solutions of Chicago specializes in all video solutions ranging from analytics to remote classrooms

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video confrence
video conference

Online Board Room or Classroom

Welcome to 2015 where distance is no longer a factor for your meeting or class.

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